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Black Friday

Black Friday is here again!

For our digital friends, there are a ton of things you can them this year. If you consider yourself a Digital Nomad as well, take stock of what you’re missing to be productive at home and get them before they’re gone!

You don’t have to wait for Father Christmas to bring that upgrade you’ve been waiting for down the chimney. Let’s dig into some of those items you can get a great deal on this week.

1 Cameras

Cameras – the good ones, at least – don’t come cheap. With what they pack and the kind of features they offer too, that is to be expected.

These cameras caneasily run into thousands of dollars too, depending on what you need it for. That is not the story we want to tell here though. The story is that you can get that camera for hundreds of dollars off this season.

2 Laptops

We know its time to change that laptop of yours – or just get another one to complement your nomadic lifestyle. We also know your wallet might have been against you getting another one, but not this time.

Manysuppliers will now offer you the laptop you want at a price you can be comfortable with. While you might not be able to get these deals from the officialmanufacturers, always look at the suppliers’ websites and accounts to follow whatever deals are happening.

3 iPhones

Need we say more?

iPhones are hotcakes on the market, no matter what critics say about them. About two months ago, the new units in the yearly iPhoneline-up were launched.

If that means anything, it’s that the prices on old models would drop slightly. This also means you can get the old iPhone for even lesser during this black Friday session.

If you were looking to cop deals on the new units too, that is totally possible. You would most likely have to buy these phones at their retail prices. Your savings, though, would be in the form ofcoupon rebates/ gift cards. Anyways, that still represents savings.

Note that you won’t be getting any good dealsif you were going through the official Apple store. Look elsewhere.

4 VPN Software

This year is almost gone and you haven’t done anything about your internet security yet. That is poor, but the black Friday deals are here to make things even easier on you.

Some VPN companies won’t be offering their apps at a lower price in this season, but some of them will. You can take advantage of aVPN black Friday deal to browse securely, anonymously and privately for an absolute steal.

You have no more excuses for next year.

5 Smart Appliances

Internet of Things is taking over the place now and you shouldn’t be left behind too.

Amazon is a big supporter of black Friday deals which means you should expect deals on the company’s smart assistants. Expect sellers on the platform to offer deals on other smart devices too.

By the end of November, you won’t have something close to Tony Stark’s building, but you would be happy at how smart your home is already.

6 Headphones

The cameras are there, the iPhone has been accounted for and you’ve got a VPN software to match your laptop. The setup just needs some quality headphones to round it off.

You don’t have to settle for cheap headphones when you can get quality ones at a deal. No, seriously.

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