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Visa Guide To Travel To India

If you are thinking of  traveling to India , apart from hotels , itinerary, international and domestic flight must also think about something more than important, the visa to travel to India. A tourist visa can only be granted to a foreigner who does not have a residence and occupation in India and whose sole purpose of visiting India is recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends and relative, excreta. No other activity is allowed with a tourist visa.

 A tourist visa can be issued normally from three months to six months with single, double or multiple entries and is not extensible or transferable. All visa fees once paid are not refundable, regardless of the result of the visa application. There are two ways to travel to India, the first one is typical, ask for a visa from the Embassy and the new one is an e-visa to travel to India.

Here we give you a page to request the visa from India. You have to go to the tourism visa section.

e-visa to travel to India

Recently the government of India started using  e-visa to travel to India. Any questions or clarification can be contacted at  [email protected]   to see the page and make the visa you can look here. There are about 113 countries that need an  e-visa to travel to India. Remember that in a year you can only request 2 times this visa and its validity is 30 days, but it is only ONE entry.

These are some countries in the south to which the Indi can ask for this visa  Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico. If you are thinking about  traveling to India from Argentina and traveling to India from Mexico .

The only bad thing about traveling to India in December will be the more expensive hotels, since the hotels put dinner and the transported ones that are also more expensive, because if you travel to India car with driver , you have to book them in time . To know what to visit in India , or if you travel to India alone , because in India there are many spiritual trips , also if you want to make a custom trip. There are many trips to India.  Once you will reach India you can also opt for the Palace on Wheels which offers luxury amenities onboard the train.

To know  about Indian tourism there are many places like North India and South India . To visit the national parks of India . If you want to know, How many costs a trip to India or when to travel to India . If you are travelling through train, you can choose deluxe cabin or super deluxe cabin of Palace on Wheels train where you can feel like a King.

To have more ideas Recommendations and Tips to travel to India and also If you are going to travel alone in India because here you have an idea a single woman to travel to India you do not have to worry, to know more information about vaccines to travel India and also what bags you have to take traveling to India and if you are thinking about traveling in August .

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