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Crack VITEEE 2018

Conducted by Vellore Institute of Technology, VITEEE is the exam that is your ticket to one of the finest engineering- Vellore Institute of Technology. Now, preparing for the exam all year is one thing but doing a quick crash course in it is another. So, the year has passed and not much has happened preparation wise, but are you wondering if you still have the hope of cracking this exam and making it into the college? Do you want to know the Tips and tricks for cracking VITEEE exam 2019 within 15 days? Well, read ahead:

VITEEE tips and tricks- Cracking the exam in 15 days:

  1. Know your VITEEE exam 2019-

What all sections are there in VITEEE 2019?

  • There are 4 sections in VITEEE. Each subject- Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English is one section. Every section minus English consists of forty Questions. And the English Section consists of 5 questions- the first 3 questions will be Comprehension type questions based on a short passage or so, and the last 2 questions will be based on Grammar and Pronunciation. All the other 3 sections of VITEEE 2019will follow the syllabus made by the exam authority which you anyway read for the 12th Board.
  • VITEEE exam has 125 questionsin total and the maximum marks you can get from each question is 1 mark. You’d be excited to know that there is no negative marking in VITEEE exam.
  • Ballpark, the topics they cover in the exam are the same as what you have in your 12th board with an addition of a few more. Be sure to refer to the VITEEE Exam syllabus thoroughly. One of the VITEEE tips and tricks we’d suggest you is to print and stick this on your wall and check-off one by one everything you complete so you stick to the VITEEE exam syllabus.
  • The CBSE/State Board textbooks are very important in the following units:
    • Coordinate Geometry – The topic is a vast topic and one can go on and on while trying to prepare for it. But with respect to competitive exams, stick to NCERT syllabus for it. It is also useful to practice drawing graphs for various equations as that technique might come in useful in visualizing certain problems that might be too lengthy for solving mathematically.
    • Inorganic Chemistry – The type of questions asked in competitive exams under this part of Chemistry will directly be based off the reactions given in the standard textbook. Chapters likes-block, p-block and d-block elements come under this category. Do the exercise questions given at the end of the chapter first. Some of the questions are frequently asked in competitive exams like JEE Mains, BITSAT as well.
    • Semiconductor Devices and their applications – The CBSE book for Physics is the primer for this topic. The book pretty much covers everything required on this topic. Some of it might be useful in college courses like Metallurgy.
    • English includes fundamental requirements such as Grammar, Comprehension, and Vocabulary that would normally be prepared by the candidate during their school preparations.
  1. Balancing your focus – Try to focus on simpler topics and fundamentals first. For VITEEE 2019, you must know that as much 30 to 40 percent of question paper is based on these smaller simpler topics. That’s a very big and easily gettable chunk, don’t miss out on that.
  2. Another one of the finest VITEEE tips and tricks is- If you don’t have enough time now for theory, jump right into practicing questions. With this approach, you will be revising your tough topics directly with practical. And you will only look back for the theory of those that you didn’t get right. Practice all the types of questions at least once. Your practice is what adds speed and accuracy to your exam. That is exactly what sets you apart.
  3. You will have to study each subject for about 2-3 hours at least. This will leave enough time for revision and tests at the end. Without a methodical approach and a schedule, cracking VITEEE in 15 days will get tough. One of the best VITEEE tips and tricks is to plan backward- Calculate how many topics you have to cover, bifurcate your strong and weak chapters, bifurcate days and time schedule according to your strengths and weaknesses. Keep a mix of these in a day so there is a balance. Remember these 15 days are about your persistence. The more focused and consistently you keep studying, the better your performance will be in the exam on the D-day. Simple.
  4. Keep a consistent approach- Is cracking this exam in 15 days possible for you? Absolutely. Will it require a dedicated grit? Absolutely. With just 15 days in your hand, there’s hardly any room left for making mistakes. Ask any achiever ever and you will find out that their biggest game-changer was consistency at work. This consistent grit for your preparation is key to not just your knowledge but also your confidence.
  5. Keep calm and don’t panic- We understand how as the exam gets closer and closer, anxiety levels go through the roof. It’s normal and a little anxiety is always good for your performance. But do not ever let it panic you and get in front of your thinking abilities. Your hard work and preparation were for this day and test. Keep a balanced and calm head, even while preparing. Do not let fear drive your preparation. With a sincere attitude, structure, and dive into your preparation. With this approach, there’s hardly anything that can stop you ever.

Lastly, we want to leave you with some important selections you have to do before the exam:

  • The exam is a Computer Based Test (CBT) that is held in centers spread across the country and also abroad. Questions are based on the specified syllabus from the links given above.

When it comes to VITEEE Exam Pattern, candidates have options to attempt papers in either:

  1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English (PCM variant)
  2. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English (PCB variant)

The above selection has to be done at the time of slot booking itself. Candidates who attempt the PCM variant of the exam are eligible for all the B. Tech Programs offered at the university. Candidates attempting PCB variant are eligible for B. Tech. in Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Computer Science and Engineering (with specialization in Bioinformatics available).

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