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knee and hip replacement in India

The gradual advance in age relates to critical issues when it comes to the joints that bear the maximum weight in our bodies, i.e. hip and knees. The result is the oblivious reduction in the synovial fluid and corresponding complicacies arising out of it. However, the recent days have seen a gradual growth in the patients who do not belong to the old age category. This has again been the cause of a sedentary lifestyle and added pressure due to the current cutting edge competition. In the current scenario, India has risen in the overall treatment standard for the patients hailing from all across the globe.

Total expenditure of the surgeries

The price point for the operation has seen a global turn around owing to the complex architectural evolving we have seen in the medical culture. Today we have a more robust hospital network in the Indian subcontinent who offer a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to the replacement operations. The range now chiefly operates between 30000 INR to 530000 INR depending upon the nature of knee replacement surgery performed. For a hip replacement, this would touch sums around four lakhs, which is a significant decrement from the previous sums. The sums are now comprised of the entire package entitled to the customer.

Materials utilised

Materials which are chiefly utilised in these procedures are generally of various kinds. The general kind is metal on metal kind of replacement. Stainless steel is the mostly used material used in conjuncture to the elements like cobalt or titanium to make the strength better than the ones used previously. Thus there has been a upgrading of the nature of materials used and also reduction in consequent prices due to ready availability. Cobalt chromium based alloys have made the materials even more sophisticated and inert in overall nature. These are therefore lesser in terms of weightage associated to the surgery.

Drugs and related medication for treatment

Heavy doses of drugs are utilised along with other medicines to make the surgery a success. These are necessary as the surgery is mostly invasive to the general standards and therefore poses a lot of health hazards if not performed without utmost precaution. The region of operation is mostly the one which requires critical maintenance and recovery has to be placed keeping and treating the region as a highly sensitised region. Typically direct injections to boost immunity are placed in the surgery point and the associated dosage of medication is supplied to keep the side effects at bay. The best knee replacement doctor in india are therefore best suited to treat the diverse nature of patients being admitted.

Repercussions and side effects of surgery

Blood clots and pulmonary embolism are two extremely common ailments which are directly linked to the hip and knee replacements surgeries all over the world. However, the chief issue related with it is the various kinds of infections which can render the patient down with serious effects. These repercussions have now been typically handled by the Indian surgeons and abolished most of these issues with help from the international bodies and the government. Today due to the advent of the overall quality of hospital offering and operational techniques, dislocation is a seldom occurring event and a rare one at that. Therefore, it can now be safely said that these complex surgeries have become one of the easiest and successful in the Indian subcontinent for ready availability of doctor for hip replacement in india.

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