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prevent the baby from getting HIV

When a woman who is infected with HIV virus, gets pregnant, it is very much necessary to be under the treatment so that it does not harm the pregnancy.

HIV during pregnancy can also mean that the baby might get affected from the same HIV virus from the mother during the time of delivery or due to breast feeding. But there are some ways that can majorly reduce the chance of the baby getting infected with the virus from the mother.

The primary question is how can a pregnant woman with HIV can protect their baby from the same? Well, they need take some antiretroviral drugs during the time of pregnancy and delivery. This will definitely lower the risk of passing the infection from the mother to the baby even if the HIV viral load is very low. If the mother and the baby do not take the above mentioned drugs then there is a one fourth chance that the baby will get HIV from the mother.

The baby needs to take one or more than one antiretroviral drugs for at least first 4 to 6 weeks after their birth. When both the mother and the baby keep taking the medicine on a daily basis then there is only one percent chance that the baby will get infected by the HIV virus.

When the woman while pregnant has HIV, it is the best option to deliver the baby by the Caesarean section. But that also depends on the thing that how much virus is present in the blood of the mother during the time of delivery. The doctor can give the best advice when these cases arise. If the viral load is very high then the doctor is most likely to recommend the Caesarean section. This will prevent the baby to get HIV during the time of labour. But if the viral load is low then the doctor may go for a vaginal delivery unless there are some other issues.

But the other question that can strike the mother’s mind that is these antiretroviral drugs good for the baby? Well, it has been tried on babies for more than 20 years and not really babies have faced any problems due to this. But yes, it can be very difficult to find if they will be having any minor issues when they become an adult.

How will the mother get to know if the baby has HIV or not? Well, there are certain blood tests for this which can detect the virus load in the body. Mainly 3 tests are done; the first one is at the 1st or 2nd month of the bay, then again at the 4th and the 6th month of age of the baby. If all the test reports come out negative then the baby does not carry the virus. The doctors can again go for a confirmation test when the baby is about 2 years of age.

When the woman is HIV while pregnant, taking precautions from that very point can actually save the baby from the virus.

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