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Controlling of blood pressure during the times of pregnancy

When you suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy it can cause problems for both the mother as well as the baby. It could lead to premature birth or preeclampsia. With high blood pressure you normally do not associate any major signs or symptoms. As part of your regular visits to your doctor you blood pressure is checked. The doctor may suggest blood pressure medication during pregnancy to have a control over it. If blood pressure medication for pregnancy is suggested daily you need to consume it. In case if the risk of preeclampsia is high the doctor may recommend aspirin to eradicate it.

Which are the types of blood pressure that can have an impact during pregnancy?

A couple of types of blood pressure could emerge when you are pregnant

Chronic hypertension

It is a high form of blood pressure that could develop before you are pregnant or around 20 weeks of pregnancy. It is not going to fade away after birth and 1 out of 4 women will suffer from preeclampsia when they are pregnant.

In case if you suffer from this disorder the doctor is going to undertake a urine and blood pressure test during each prenatal visit. There might be a need to check blood pressure at your home. With a fetalheart rate and an ultrasound, the health and growth of a baby might be tested as well.  The doctor is going to check signs of preeclampsia.

In case if you have been taking medicine for chronic hypertension before pregnancy the doctor is going to check whether it is safe during the course of pregnancy. If that is not the case they might ask you to switch to a different medicine.

In the starting phase of pregnancy blood pressure is known to fall. If there is mild hypertension and if you have been taking medicines before pregnancy, then you might have to lower the dose count. You might have to stop taking medicines but do not opt for it without consulting your doctor.

Gestational hypertension

This is a form of blood pressure that only pregnant women are prone to. It tends to occur after 20 weeks of pregnancy and once the baby is delivered it fades off.

A small rise in blood pressure is witnessed. But there are chances where a woman might go on to develop hypertension and serious complications could arise when you are pregnant like preeclampsia.

There is no clear cut sign on how you can prevent gestational hypertension. In case if you are overweight or obese before pregnancy getting back to your normal weight before pregnancy would solve the problem to a large extent. Even though this disorder may go away after pregnancy, the chances of hypertension could emerge in future.

There are some things that you can rely upon to combat high blood pressure during pregnancy

  • Be part of routine prenatal visits
  • If medicines are needed to control blood pressure opt for it.
  • Stay active and increase the intake of healthy foods.

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