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Career in Mass Communication

India has seen an unprecedented and phenomenal advancement in media and communication technology. All the boundaries are dissolved and entire globe has come together. That is why the course in mass- communication has become so important.

There are various mass communication institute in Delhi that are offering the degree in mass communications. Mass media is a recent reality covering all the aspects. However, the jobs in mass communication are not high-salary but they provide job satisfaction.

Essential requirements

People with good speaking and communication skills are considered fit for journalism and other domains of mass communication. The industry require professionals with good communication skills who can work efficiently and fast. You can make a career in mass communications by doing the course from top 10 mass communication colleges in India. Also, you need to start your own blog or to work as a freelancer on online publishing sites or newspaper.

 Is this is the right career option for me?

In order to answer this question, you require to go through the process of self-evaluation. You are required to be creative enough with excellent communication and capable enough to inform, explain about the complex issues in the simple manner to the large masses. Also, a great amount of patience and hard work is required.

What cost I have to bear?

The courses in mass communication are a bit expensive as charges, expenses and fees to do internships and projects are quite high.  Most of the mass communication institutes in delhi charge somewhere between 60,000 to 2, 00,000 annually. Some institutes also provide funding or scholarship that largely depends on your marks and performance.

Job prospectus 

After getting a degree of mass communication from top 10 mass communication colleges in India, you can try your hand in films and TV, public relations, publishing, editing, journalism, production, scriptwriting, filmmaking and much more. A degree in mass communication broaden your horizons. Depending on the inclination and personal interest you can select a job. If you are a talented and creative person, then you can also work at high-paying jobs such as director, actor, screen writer, editor, RJ, VJ and producer.

Demand and supply

Demand and supply play a major role in making the career in mass communications. There is a lack of trained professionals in the industry in entertainment, mass media, and news channels.

Market watch

India is the largest producer of films in the world with sufficient opportunities. You can also work for TV channels, documentaries and production houses.

Tips for getting hired

The candidate must possess certain interest or skills that help him to get a job. You must have knowledge of current and news affairs.

If you are making a career in mass communication, then you must be dedicated, committed and sacrifice. You are required to work day and night. Also, the media professionals who are working in film or entertainment are required to work with passion.

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