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BSES bill payment

Digital technology, internet, smart phones and other mobile devices have helped in transforming us into smarter individuals. It has touched our lives in a meaningful way. And the good part is that in the last decade or so when all these new-age technologies were being launched in the Indian market, most of us were unaware of the impact that it would all have on our day-to-day living. Nonetheless, as the know-how evolved, we took to technology like fishes take to water – most of us at least. Age, sex, education, marital status, economic background has nothing to do with – technology has enabled most of us to think and work smart. Even as a society, the motto now is to adopt techniques and methods that help in completing tasks efficiently and quickly. Speed is of great essence and we have taken note of it only after technological inventions have helped us realize so.

Take, for example, a mundane task like making electric bill payments. Most of us who had to undergo the torture of making physical BSES bill payment at the regional BSES office or any other Electricity Board for that matter understand the difference these latest technological gadgets have made in our lives. Today, one can use that small sized mobile and smartphone to complete the payment process in a minute. Just download the app of a reliable and popular third party reseller like the Paytm App, PhonePe App or the MobiKwik App. Use it anywhere and at any time. The last date has arrived and you have just realized – no issues – open the App, follow simple steps and make online BSES bill payment. That’s it!

Making safe online bill payments

While things have become very easy and comfortable, it is crucial to understand that technology needs to be handled in a responsible manner. To think that you are using smart technology and device to make online payments and hence there are no risks involved is not totally correct. The user needs to carry out the job cautiously and in a safe manner so that his confidential information doesn’t end up being jeopardized and misused. Users need to ensure the following when using websites or Apps to make online BSES bill payment and carry out any kind of financial transaction:-

  1. Try to carry out financial transactions only from a secure place. The first preference should invariably be one’s residence or home.
  2. Use a secure network – the mobile data on your smart phone or your personal Wi-Fi connection at home.
  3. Use strong passwords to keep your information guarded. Never share passwords with anyone. Logout of the site and the App before handing over the device to anyone else – even your own smartphone.
  4. Never save passwords and user ids onto a browser or App.
  5. Download apps from verified sources.
  6. For making payments direct from your banking account, try and use methods that have the two-factor authentication.
  7. Prefer to use credit cards or the electronic wallets to make safer and securer payments online.

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