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Best Power Nap Solution

This beautiful, peaceful music encourages you to take some time for yourself. Research has revealed that an everyday small nap can reduce stress, increase our ability to learn and work effectively, enhance our creativity and enhance our overall health.

The advantages of the 30 minute guide to power naps audio are as follows:

– It’s 30 minutes. When listened to properly (I’ll get into that later), you get the equivalent of a 3 hours nap in my honest opinion.

– The sounds cape is soothing and refreshing. The white noise in the background is more than enough to cease mental chatter after only 5 minutes in my case.

– There are no mental exercises or visualizations to be performed. All you need to do is just lay back, and listen. At the end of the thirty minute audio session, you are guided back into the waking state by the gentle ringing of chimes.

– Your mood is improved: – Some people might share a similar disposition, but when I am tired, mentally and physically, I’m easily irritated, and my outlook on life gets a bit dim. Usually, it would take me a full night’s sleep, (usually about 7 hours) to feel better, especially after exhaustion. No kidding, listening to the 30 minute ultimate nap audio while in my far infrared sauna dome really ‘charges me up’. It’s almost like getting your batteries charged, or filling up your gas tank at the gas station.

The disadvantages of the 30 minute ultimate quick nap audio:

– The audio session is 30 minutes: – let’s face it. Not everyone has thirty minutes to spare in the middle of their day, especially to fully kick back and nap. For those who have that luxury, the 30 minute ultimate nap can be a lifesaver. For those who don’ there is still hope.

The above mentioned is about the only disadvantage of this quick nap audio that I could think of. There are a few things that one should bear in mind prior to using any of the ultimate nap audio sessions.

No Stimulants: – I highly recommend that you use the ultimate nap audio sessions after about 3 hours of drinking coffee, or taking any thermogenic supplement, as these will interfere with the efficiency of the audios.

Stress-free environment: – please use the ultimate nap session in a stress free environment. If you can’t find such, you are encouraged to create one by turning off cell phones, covering your eyes to block out excess light, and if you’re using your computer instead of a separate audio device, disabling instant messengers and email alert notifications/ alerts.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: – Another thing I should mention is that your mind should be worry-free before using the ultimate nap session. Don’t listen to the audio while worrying about anything. Do that and you’ll be setting yourself up for disaster? Do whatever it takes to clear your mind, because once you do, and you listen to the ultimate nap sessions, you will have a pleasurable nap experience.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy: – If you do have a far infrared sauna dome, or blanket I highly encourage you to listen to the ultimate nap when getting your far infrared detox. Once the far infrared sauna temperature isn’t set too high so as to make it uncomfortable, then you can safely enjoy the ultimate nap audio.

So there it is folks, my opinion on what I consider to be the best solution for an energizing, revitalizing and detoxing power nap!

I know how hard it can be to try taking a power nap during the day, especially during a hectic work schedule, but if you really want to take that quick nap and get energized at the same time, you’ll need to use these 2 items mentioned above together for amazing results.

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