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Bread Toaster

Many people like to have bread toast with butter or jam for breakfast. If you are one of them, a bread toaster is a must-have kitchen appliance. Toasting makes the bread crunchy as it dries out all the moisture present inside the bread. You get browning on the slice and it is yummy to eat. If you are new to this appliance, here’s a guide to help you through.

What Is a Bread Toaster? 

A bread toaster is a small electrical appliance that was invented a century back. Since then, has been evolving in some form or the other. The basics, however, remain the same with the electric cord required to be plugged into an electrical socket. This enables the electric current to flow into the toaster. The appliance then changes this electrical energy into heat energy, which heats up the small wires or heating elements that are on each side inside the toaster. This toast both sides of the bread simultaneously.

Why Should You Opt for a Pop-Up Toaster? 

The pop-up bread toaster is designed to turn off the heat automatically. Furthermore, today’s advanced toasted come with many additional functions such as defrosting, reheating and different heating modes. All these aspects make pop-up toasters a great appliance to own to meet the breakfast needs of your family members without hassles. 

Features of Advanced Pop-Up Toasters 

There are many advanced pop-up toasters available in the market, which allow you to toast your bread in a customised manner.

Multiple Heating Modes: A branded bread toaster can have as many as 5 heating modes, which enable a person to have browning as per their preference.

Wide Slots: The slots to place the bread slices are wide enough to cook up to 2 slices at a time. Thus, if you like, your bread slices to be thick; toasting them is not a problem.

Removable Crumb Tray: While toasting, the bread crumbs get accumulated in the toaster base. The removable crumb tray makes it convenient to clean it up before the next use.

Defrost Function: If you have stored the bread in the refrigerator, it often requires defrosting. The advanced toasters have an in-built defrost function, which makes it possible to thaw and toast together at one go.

Reheat Function: The morning times are extremely busy for most of the people. Thus, at times, they toast their bread and get busy with some other task. This makes the toast go cold and they lose their crispiness. The advanced toasters have a reheat function, which makes the toast crispy without burning them and even without changing their original colour.

Besides having all these advanced features that make the toasting an easy job for the newbies, the appliance should be easy to store. It should also have a good warranty on it and should be from a reputed and trusted brand so that in case of any trouble you get good after-sales support.

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