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Comparison of Three Major Cities

India has a host of many beautiful picturesque destinations of natural beauty scattered all around the country which attracts tourists and adventurers from all around the world, however it is not just in these serene and scenic places that you can have a memorable time. Each city in India is totally different from the next and this article compares New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Talking and comparing about cities over a couple of drinks can be a ceaseless topic, especially if the cities of the participants of the conversation are involved. It can be never ending, gruesome and will eventually turn petty and meaningless and lose its purpose just to score some brownie points over the other. The best way to compare cities is to think and compare with an open mind and not have any emotional or sentimental attachment to the city. Mentioned below are the comparisons of three major cities in India namely New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. These cities are properly connected to each other and getting a flight from one city to the next should not pose any problem. You can easily book a Mumbai to Delhi flight without any difficulty. Here is the rundown of the comparisons.

The Food

While Delhi and Mumbai can somewhat be put in the same box here in this context, Chennai does not have much to offer. Mumbai and Delhi are both extremely rich in the food department with some of the best line of restaurants, Delhi is is a paradise on earth for meat lovers and Mumbai laid the foundation for the street food in India. While both these places do extremely well in both the fine dining scene and street food options, Chennai offer almost nothing but the traditional dosas and idli you get in almost every other eatery.

Point of view and lifestyle

Mumbai is about business inside and out. It is commercial in every aspect. Delhi inclines more towards the political and artistic side which can be seen in the conversations exchanged in the pubs of Delhi while Chennai is all industrious. Hard-work, labour and industrial work scenes with a dash of technical and IT influence. Delhi is more about open mics, live music and proper pubs where people can sit and have a conversation while Mumbai is more about the glitz and glamour where the main source of entertainment is the parties in nightclubs with heart thumping bass beats while in chennai every hangout places are hidingly occupied by engineering students with a bottle each in their hands.

Tourist attractions in the city

With regards to the subject of touring, Delhi unmistakably has the high ground being one of the most seasoned urban communities on the planet with antiquated ties. While Mumbai likewise has what’s coming to its of recorded sites, the significant historic points are beyond any reasonable amount to riva and Chennai almost has little to talk about apart from some of the important temples in the city. All the three cities although are placed perfectly well in close proximity to some of the most serene weekend getaways.

Cost of living

From the highest to the lowest, the cost of living ranges from Mumbai, New Delhi to Chennai respectively. Mumbai is the most expensive city to live in, in India. From accommodation, food items and various other basic commodities, the perfect balance is New Delhi. With a price of paying a little higher than that of Chennai, you still get to live in a city maining your standard of living.

The three cities all have their own distinct charm and if it is better than one of the cities it falls short in other parts. All three cities are equipped with major international airports and booking a ticket to any of these cities from one city can be done with no hassle. Mumbai Chennai flights, Mumbai Delhi flights and Delhi Chennai flights can be booked any day from anywhere

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