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convert YouTube videos to mp3

Today it has become a common activity to download videos from YouTube and enjoy them on your computer, but in the case of music files, the videos are not the necessary element. Sometimes we just want to enjoy the music and do not want the hassle of downloading a video. There is one measure we can take up and that is to download the video in the form of an mp3 file.

There are numerous ways to do this, and almost all methods are quite easy. The reason why you should do this is that; you can then enjoy the music freely and even include it in videos and montages that can be uploaded to sites such as YouTube. It can be of great help in attracting viewers and getting views, but you also need a customized YouTube thumbnail for this to work.

But first, we must learn how to convert videos into an mp3 file format. Here are some ways to do it.

  • Using a site such as mp3 converter, which can easily convert videos to mp3 files. However, the only issue with such sites is that these can get banned easily as YouTube has certain issues with downloading video files as mp3. The steps for the process are also rather simple and all you need to do is copy the video URL and then paste it into the converter. It then automatically strips the video encoding and just downloads the sound file. You can do this for almost any video on YouTube and does not necessarily have to be a music file.
  • On an iOS device, things might be slightly harder and you will need to use a special app which is a version of YouTube that allows you to download videos in an mp3 format. An example of such an application would be GenYouTube, which serves as a library for all videos on the website.
  • You can also download these on your Android phone through the same process as you would in a windows device. You can use the help of the YouTube application on your phone to first copy the link and then use it on your web browser to access any file converter. Here once you finish the conversion process, you will need to enable the browser to save file formats in any manner. Once this process is complete, you can now enjoy the native content freely on your mobile device.
  • The site such as mp3 converter might get banned and will not work, due to the fact that Google actively does not promote the downloading of their content. Yet, for one website that goes down, there will be the emergence of a new one, such as a YouTube to Facebook converter and you can then download it from that site.

These methods are all easy and reliable ones to get your hands on an mp3 track from YouTube. The biggest advantage of this platform is the fact that any individual is free to upload, hence you can get your hands on some great content.

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