May it be a royal honeymoon or a weekend getaway; Maharajas’ Express is gaining more popularity among locals and international tourists. There are numerous facts and information about the train, which are explicitly explained in many blogs and articles. This article is about the lesser-known facts about the train.

  1. The Maharajas’ Express train is exactly one kilometer long in horizontal length. The entire length is covered with facilities cars, restaurants and guest carriages. Each guest carriage is named after the precious stones of the land.
  2. The train has top-notch hydraulic suspension system and pneumatic system. Thus, you would not feel the bumpiness on the route. Moreover, the train is deliberately driven in an average slow speed, allowing tourists to walk around, dine and enjoy in the train.
  3. The televisions provided in each cabin have 14 different channels with in-house movie copies. This will allow you to enjoy your time in the train. Apart from this, you can find direct dial-up telephone, Wi-Fi connection and others.
  4. The train has two main restaurants in it. However, you can order breakfast in the bed too. Yes, this is the only luxury train India brand that allows providing food outside the restaurant car. The main aim of Maharajas’ Express is to create a blue-blood experience for every traveler.
  5. The aim of the train is to add as much luxury as possible and they did not even leave the silverware out of it. The plates are edged with gold lining. The glasses used are made out of Swarovski hand-cut crystals and silver cutlery.
  6. The ultimate element of Maharajas’ Express is the red carpet welcome ceremony at each station. During boarding, the staff team gives a traditional India welcome party with garlands, flowers, welcome drink, and token gift and so on. This was how the kings of yesteryear were welcomed after a victory in war.
  7. The train’s bar is an all-inclusive bar. The bartenders are trained to mix and serve almost all kinds of drinks. If you do not see a specific drink in the menu, you can always ask the bartender to mix it up for you. Apart from these, there is a long list of mocktails provided in the lounge room, which are the signature drinks of the train. Do you know that this bar also serves specialty coffee drinks like Frappuccino and others? Are you calorie conscious? You can order the black coffee too.
  8. Among the luxury trains of the country, this is one of the luxury trains with the highest number of destination covered. The train covers 24+ destinations in 7 different itineraries. This is the luxury train, which covers central India, North India and South India. While most of the other trains focus on only the Northwestern region or the southern region.
  9. The train was an initiative to recreate the royal saloons used by the kings of India. For the same, the interior of the train is decorated and designed like the palaces of India. Moreover, the staffs are also dressed like royal servants.
  10. Yes, the train is designed for looking like the yesteryear train. However, the amenities inside the train are top-notch and futuristic. Starting from telephone to laundry services, you can find numerous modern amenities and facilities. You can even find unique elements like library, spa, bathtub, souvenir shop and others.

The train has a lot more hidden facts and interesting features. Are you looking forward for a vacation with the royal environment? Here is what you need to do. Book tickets for your next vacation with Maharajas’ Express and experience the royalty.

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